IPC 2021 is organized jointly by the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population and the host country, India, where the National Organising Committee is led by the Indian Association for the Study of Population (IASP). 

International Organising Committee (IOC)

Chair: U.V. Somayajulu* (IASP President, India)

Vice-Chair: Tom LeGrand* (IUSSP President, Canada)

IUSSP Council: Shireen Jejeebhoy* (IUSSP Vice-President, India), Nico van Nimwegen* (Secretary General & Treasurer, Netherlands), Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi* (Iran), Suzana Cavenaghi* (Brazil), Sam Clark (United States), Parfait Eloundou-Enyegue (Cameroon), Edith Gray* (Australia), Jean-François Kobiané* (Burkina Faso), David Lam (United States), France Meslé (France), Clémentine Rossier (Switzerland).

Ex Officio Members: John Wilmoth (United Nations Population Division), Klaus Beck (UNFPA).

Steering Committee Members of the Indian National Organising Committee (NOC)

AR Nanda*, KVR Subrahmanyam *(NOC Conference Coordinator), Leela Visaria*, KS James*.

Conference Secretary: Mary Ellen Zuppan* (IUSSP Secretariat)

*IOC Steering committee members

IUSSP, established in 1928, is the international association of population specialists. With over 2,000 members from 140 countries, the IUSSP brings together researchers, policymakers, and others from diverse disciplinary backgrounds to address key issues concerning population and sustainable development. 

IASP is a professional association of Indian demographers, public health specialists and development scientists, with a membership of about 1,000. Its members have played key advisory roles to various arms of the government, including the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, and the Registrar General and Census Commissioner. It publishes Demography India, a leading journal in India that disseminates peer-reviewed research on topics of relevance to the population sciences and development.


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